Tuesday, February 2, 2010

02.02.10 Life mimics yoga

Yoga Time: 20 mins

As I sat down to write my yoga blog today, I began reflecting on my morning practice and on my day. I tried to think about what my yoga had given me today. I tried to figure out what I had gotten from the morning practice. I couldn't think of anything. But I did realize something:

1. I felt lazy this morning. I spent twenty minutes trying to change how I felt, but I had a lot of trouble focusing on my yoga; I didn't feel myself responding to the yoga.

2. I went to work and had trouble focusing and responding to people and work situations around me.

I realized that the way I had responded to my yoga this morning was the same way I had responded to everyone and everything throughout the rest of my day. I don't know whether that is exciting to anyone else--perhaps it seems like common sense, that I respond consistently throughout the day. But to me, noticing how I react in different situations, and noticing how I react physically and emotionally, is a big deal. The fact that I could recognize my responses, how I was feeling, and draw parallels between facets of my day, is a step. Small step or giant leap, a step is a step.

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