Monday, February 22, 2010

22.02.10 Lengthening

Yoga Time: 25 mins
My legs are shrinking! There's no other explanation for the pain, soreness, and tightness in my leg muscles! Well, I suppose the hobbling around on crutches could explain it, but the shrinking explanation is more fun. My injury is causing more injuries (or pain, at least), but I'm on the lookout. Since my legs were feeling so bad, I decided to try every stretching pose I could manage (without standing, of course). I spent 25 minutes doing that, with a backbend and an inversion thrown in at the end.

My body felt back-to-normal by the end (except for my foot). I lay on the floor, and as I was thinking about the bodily adjustment I had just completed, and the reason for the need for the adjustment, I found my mind wandering to all the people that have been so helpful over the past two weeks. People have been holding doors, offering to carry things, and have been genuinely interested in my recovery. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming, but all of the good fortune that I've experienced throughout this difficult time is amazing.

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