Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10.02.10 A "reason" for injury

Yoga time: 25 mins

Having an injured foot makes everything take longer. I have cut out most of my travel time, since I've been working at home, and yet my days seem shorter than normal. Yesterday I got to my yoga later in the evening, and was too tired to blog about it by the time I was finished. Even though it was hard for me to get to the yoga, it was not hard for me to spend time there last night. I replicated most of what I did the day before, using poses I knew my body/foot could handle. By choosing poses this way, I was doing something I knew I could do. I wasn't challenging myself, but I was okay with that. I needed to be doing something that felt comfortable and doable.

Sometimes connecting with my body is about seeing what it can do, and sometimes it is simply about enjoying what it is able to do. I'm used to pushing myself in so many areas of my life, and enjoying something "just because" is a nice feeling. I had already begun to find this in my daily practice, but being forced into a little more (via the injury) is interesting. While I do not enjoy the injury, I am enjoying some of the effects. Maybe everything does happen for a reason?

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