Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9.02.10 Grateful

Yoga time: 20 mins

I came home late-ish to find Billy with dinner prepped, just waiting for me to walk in. I wanted to spend some time connecting with my body, though, so I asked him if he minded waiting 20 minutes. He agreed, and I went to the living room to see what type of asanas my foot would agree to. It was feeling less throbby today, so I started with a couple of seated forward bends and then tried a few bridges. Those were easy non-foot threatening things. I then tried a couple of arm balances, thinking my foot could handle being perched on its big toe for a moment or two. However, I discovered that my wrists were sore from all of the crutch-action they had been put through yesterday and today. Feeling frustrated, I went back to some seated forward bends.

Then something amazing happened. I noticed that I was easily folding in half. I was further in my forward bends than usual. I wasn't sure how my body had gotten there. I smiled to myself and then started to think how amazing it was that even though I felt so un-able, my body was showing me that it was still very able. It was showing me that there is more than one way to be strong; more than one way to accomplish something.

I spent some more time in forward bends, since I was suddenly enjoying them so much, and then finished with shoulder stands, fish, and reclining twists. I laid in savasana observing this feeling of gratefulness, and how it made my whole body glow. My whole being was glowing. I was smiling up to the ceiling, feeling this sense of gratitude radiating from within. My mind then drifted to Billy, and how he had willingly sacrificed his comfort for me to spend this 20 minutes with myself. Tears came to my eyes as I realized I was lucky in so many ways.

180 from yesterady... and even from how I felt earlier today. "Thank you."

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