Wednesday, February 3, 2010

03.02.10 Looking In

Time: 20 mins

today i found myself reacting really strongly to everything. every response was intense and i felt a profound desire to retreat from people all day. work was especially hard with several meetings with several groups of people. i felt like i was having to act just to function around others.

i wanted to push a reset button, to reprogram my emotions and my responses. i couldn't seem to do that, though. once i got home from work and fitness, i made dinner and finally found time for yoga at 930. i listened to what my body wanted. so i did some forward bends, some separate leg stretching, some reclining poses, and then some shoulder stands.

when i finished my asanas, i tried to reflect on my all-consuming emotions. i tried to find the root of them. i let my mind traipse around, looking for reasons, examining my day, and inverting myself a little.

my inspection didn't result in any answers. but the act of inspection left me calmer. not necessarily ready for the world, but less ruffled.

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