Friday, February 12, 2010

12.02.10 Practicing Partnership

Yoga Time: Personal: 30 mins; Partnered w Billy: 90 mins

Gearing up for Vday weekend! I'm teaching Martine's class tomorrow morning. So throughout my personal practice as well as my partner practice, I was preparing things that we'd be doing in the special edition class tomorrow. I asked Billy to come with me to class tomorrow to demo some partner work, and he agreed. I'm pretty excited about it, but a little nervous.

Billy and I are great as partners--we work together well (unless it's math--we both do that well but TOTALLY differently), and we enjoy doing things together. But Billy isn't a regular at yoga. He likes it, but he doesn't practice often. So in some ways he'll be a perfect model--because he isn't flexible and doesn't instinctively know where each asana is headed. But in some ways it makes the demo process a little more drawn out and difficult. It was a good test to try to explain things today so that he could practice the partner work with me. And he tells me when he doesn't "get" what I'm saying. Which is frustrating to me, because I think, "THEY'LL KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING!" ...but then I think, "well, most of them will... but maybe not everyone." And it is really good for me to try to think of new ways of explaining things so that my yoga classes are accessible to everyone--even the newbies!

I enjoyed my practice time today because I'm excited about what we'll be doing tomorrow. But I also enjoyed spending time with Billy just moving our bodies around and exploring. I'm not sure that he enjoys it as much as me, but he at least enjoys that I enjoy it so much. Now that's a good partner!

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