Friday, February 19, 2010

19.02.10 Working Through

Yoga Time: 20 mins; Teaching Time: 1 hr

I spent my 20 minutes today focusing on what I could teach today. My foot was sore, but I couldn't find a cover, so I had to think about what I could teach that wouldn't hurt my foot. So I spent my 20 personal practice time prepping instead of focusing on me. And, since my foot was sore, I was especially frustrated with things today. That meant I should've really taken time out of my work schedule to focus on me, but I didn't. Therefore, I went into teaching feeling pretty upset.

The class that I taught went really well, thanks (in part) to the prep. I was able to focus on the participants' needs. I taught what I could from the front of the room, and walked around doing corrections when I couldn't do something. I helped students into poses and challenged them to try some new things. I had a few students talk to me after class, ask me questions, and thank me for the class. Once everyone left, I sat down and reflected for a few minutes. Even though the class wasn't for me, I found that I had finally found my peace for the day--through teaching and assisting others.

I know I enjoy teaching... that's why I do it. But finding that I could get some peace through the process, especially when I really needed it, was good to learn. And I think that it is a good life lesson also: sometimes it seems that nothing can make us feel better, but we keep seeking something. Perhaps all we need to do is to find a way to give something back to someone else.

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