Wednesday, February 3, 2010

04.02.10 Yoga, Interrupted

Yoga Time: 1 hr teach + 20 mins personal

I taught a small class this morning to 2 participants. Both were occasionally regular with practice (my judgment based on what they said plus what they did). We did a few challenging arm balances that I could tell they enjoyed, though were a little unsure of. We also did headstands in the middle of the room. Neither of them had done headstands before, but I encouraged them to try and I showed them set-up and then came to each of them individually and gave a hand so they felt comfortable trying extend the whole way up at least once. Both did a headstand with me there, and one participant did another one and rolled out of it. They were both excited at their accomplishments, and I was excited to see that in them.

Since I'm more confident with my headstands, I've been more confident in teaching them. And I think that is making my teaching stronger. I'm not as afraid that some participants will be more advanced than me with their asanas. Which is slightly crazy, I know. But a lot of people expect their yoga teacher to be super bendy and super strong and super full of balance. And that isn't exactly a requirement of yoga teachers. But I suppose it is something to aspire to. Which will, of course, only occur through my own daily personal practice.

So after the class, I spent another 20 minutes in the big beautiful room. I went through some triangles, revolving them and then lifting a leg. I did some more arm balances, I did a headstand and an L against the wall. And then I was interrupted by someone who wanted to talk businessy stuff. I felt violated as she came up and interrupted my practice. I thought, "Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?" but didn't say that. I listened to her and responded appropriately, even when she told me that I should be wearing a uniform shirt because my tank top could "put people off" ...whatever that meant. I look good in my tanks!

I tried to complete my practice after she left. My flow was gone. I had been shook up. I felt untrue to myself because I had wanted to tell her that I needed to finish what I was doing and that I could come find her and chat in a few minutes. I hadn't told her that, though, and was left with a broken practice as a result. I tried another inversion and then released, twisted, and came to savasana.

I know that it is important for me to tell people what I need, whether it is telling someone something in a business situation, talking to a friend about an issue that's between us, or telling myself to slow down and relax. I can only express these things and hope that they are well recieved.

So that is my intention for the rest of the day. To not be afraid to tell someone. Something.

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