Thursday, February 25, 2010

23-25.02.10 Without Internet, but not without

Yoga time: 20 min; 30 min; 20 min

I was without internet for 2 days while doing some work for the university in a rural town. BUT, I did find time to fit in my yoga each day. So even though I couldn't blog about it at the time, I'm summarizing the past few days' experiences here.

Even though I was doing work while in whoop-whoop (for those of you in the States, that's Australian slang for "the middle of nowhere"), I wasn't able to spend time with my partner, and I couldn't do some of the things I'm used to doing at home, I had some of the lowest stress I've had in weeks. Being in wide open spaces just felt good to my body. People moved a little slower and everything was easy to get to and to access. Don't get me wrong, I also hated the food options available and missed having the internet. But, something slowed down in me while I was there, too.

I had packed days; I was trying to get things completed that needed to be done while there, but I made sure to do some yoga each day. I had a big space in the room they provided me with, so I didn't feel restricted in any way. I did a lot of the same asanas I've been doing over the past couple of weeks--focusing on things that my foot will do without pushing it. However, I did feel a little more energetic in my yoga while there. I was thinking that it could be attributed to all of the fresh air, or to simply being in a new space. It could also be all of the adolescents I was interacting with while there--maybe their youthfulness seeped into my practice.

As I write this and reflect back on the short practices I was able to cultivate, though, I find myself thinking about two other alternatives for the energy I found: 1) Without distractions (people in my home, internet, snacks, friends nearby, other social options), I was able to recognize how lucky I am to have those things in my life. Even though I missed a lot of things, I knew I was going back to them. And I felt lucky to think of all the things I have in my everyday life. That sense of joy felt pretty substantial in my mind and body, and it may have been expressed through my yoga. 2) I think I'm finally gathering, collecting, and storing energy for use: beginning in my foot and healing cracked bones and cracked nerves throughout my body. Maybe that healing lifeforce was responsible for the energetic practices.

It isn't really about the causal factors though; it's about the journey of the practice. That journey has been energetic over the past few days, and I'm able to recognize that and be grateful.

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