Friday, February 26, 2010

26.02.10 Anticipating the Unexpected

Yoga time: 40 mins

Today I woke up feeling very sick, and so I didn't go in to the office, but worked from home. I slept a few extra hours until my head felt a little less like a nail's head. I had some fruit and tried to soothe myself. I thought about trying to do yoga later in the afternoon, but decided to do it first thing after my late breakfast, hoping to balance my body a little. I tried to keep the practice calm, but balanced with enough energy to wake my body up and get some fresh oxygen into my blood and throughout my body. I didn't know if this would make me feel better or worse, but I knew something would happen. I wasn't hopeful that I would feel recovered, but I still felt so bad that I knew it couldn't really hurt.

Once I had finished my practice, I did feel a little better, meaning I didn't go back to bed. But I didn't do much else, either. I took the day off from cardiovascular exercise, which was a big deal for me. Since I was sick, I treated myself with some extra softness. I took care not to do more than I could handle.

Reflecting back on the practice and my responses to the day, I'm surprised and yet not surprised. I'm surprised by how I was able to stay focused on my practice when I wasn't feeling well. I'm surprised by how I did feel a little better after the practice. I'm surprised by how I was able to be kind to myself. However, I'm not surprised at all the surprises. I'm on the lookout for the unexpected, and greeting it with an open mind.

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