Sunday, February 14, 2010


13.02.10 Yoga Teaching: 1.5 hr, personal practice day off
Talk about energy! The class I taught yesterday was so much fun! We did heart openers and then worked in partners, learning to trust our bodies and those around us. Billy came to demo the partner work with me. I was nervous about the partner work, since it isn't something we traditionally do in that class, but I was hopeful that the participants would be open to it and willing to try something out of their comfort zone. Luckily, everyone seemed to be open to the ideas I presented them. The chattering and communication between partners was energetic and constant. The partners in the class worked together and experimented and tried new things. I was so proud of them.

After the class, I wanted to try new things; I wanted to be impulsive and daring! So Billy and I went to see a movie in the middle of the afternoon. I know, I know. It doesn't sound that crazy. But it wasn't planned! It was something we just randomly decided to do! And that felt really daring in my over-planned and structured life. Sometimes just little things that are out of the ordinary feel amazing. I hope that my class was able to experience a little bit of that today also.

14.02.10 Yoga Time: 20 mins
Valentine's Day! Time for love. I took a small piece of the day to love myself. I did a lot of folding in and opening up. I went back and forth between forward bends and hip openers. I enjoyed the time to myself and felt, as I often do, that giving myself a little time makes me a better person and makes the time I offer to other loves in my life more complete. So, after completing my me-time (and then blogging about it), I'm going back to my life to share the love a little more. xo

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