Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17-18.02.10 Mind in Body

17.02.10 Yoga Time: 20 mins; Meditating
Today I was feeling tired and my foot was feeling sore. So I decided to try 20 minutes of meditating. I wanted to experiment with my ability to sit still and connect without physically using my body. I went to the meditation exercise that I had used with a class I taught a few weeks ago. I tried dropping the question "what is stillness?" into the center of my body. I tried to feel stillness inside, and determine what it felt like. Only, instead of feeling stillness, I felt intense action. I could "feel" mitochondria playing their role as the powerhouse of the cell; I could "feel" oxygen oxygenating cells; I could "feel" t-cells attacking any invaders of my immune system... and whatever else is currently happening in my body. All I could imagine was the amazing processes that were running all on their own, all over the inside of my body. I felt so electrified as the power and energy in my body made itself known to me. Then I focused on my energy emanating from my body, and how the power was radiating into the world around me. I felt the air leaving my nostrils, imagined the water evaporating from my skin, imagined old cells flaking themselves from my body... all becoming energy around me.

When I finished meditating, I felt excited. I felt connected to the world. And I felt proud of myself for meditating 20 minutes.

18.02.10 Yoga Time: 30 mins; Connecting
This morning I had an important meeting at 10am. So I got up early and spent half an hour playing at some yoga before I showered. But, since I was nervous about the meeting, I decided to use the yoga time to center myself. So throughout each pose, and between each pose, I tried to focus my mind inside my body. I tried to continually think about "me" inside me. I tried to continually center that me inside myself to find a balanced place to start my day from. I wasn't as focused on what I was doing physically, how far I was going into poses, or what poses followed each other. Rather, I kept my focus on what I was feeling, and how I could orient that feeling inside my body.

I enjoyed the 30 minutes and it passed quickly... and then my meeting went amazingly well! I was calm and focused throughout it, and was able to answer questions and be on-target with all of the things we had to discuss. I like to give credit where credit is due, so I'll say "Namaste" to myself, for sticking with my daily practice and incorporating it so well into my day, and to Martine, my favorite mentor, for her fantastic encouragement and recommendations. xo

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