Sunday, February 7, 2010

05-07.02.10 Weekend of too much

(blogs originally written in my journal on train/bus to wknd events)
05.02.10 Prepping
Time: 25 mins
I scheduled today so that I could make it to a yoga class after work. However, work went crazier than planned. And I ended up having to miss the class. So I went home to do a brief personal practice and see what I could find inside... before running out the door to see a friend's play. I focused in on trying to find some peace. I wanted to move toward stillness and create a sense of calm that I could return to for the rest of my weekend. I tried a lot of balances--including arm balances, standing balance flows, and headstands. I wanted to feel a sense of stillness, internalize it, and use it later in my weekend.

I enjoyed my practice and felt calm when I finished. The calm didn't last long as I rushed to shower, make a train, and get to my friend's play. However, on the train, as I write this, I'm able to return to my feelings and feel them again. I think that I easily lose track of my mind/body connection as I focus intently on accomplishing something or getting somewhere. Finding peace or stillness in my day is hard when I lose track of myself. I enjoy the journal process because it gives me a chance to return to my body and focus on the connection. But, unless I'm constantly writing in my journal, I haven't yet discovered how to stay present.

06.02.10 Teaching energy
Time: 1.5 hrs
Personal practice: day off
Today I taught Martine's Newtown class. Before the class, a woman told me that she had just had IVF and that her doctor told her that she should go ahead and treat her body like she was pregnant. She asked me what she should do differently in the class. I told her that she should do what she felt comfortable doing, and should listen to her body. She stayed with the rest of the class for most of the practice and then put her legs up against the wall as we did some inversions.

We were pretty full, with 30 participants. Two students ended up leaving part way through the class, and I was pretty upset. I know Martine and I teach differently, but I was feeling good about the class, where it was going, and the energy we were creating. I tried to focus in on some students who looked like they were intently present in the class. Finding some students that looked like they were really enjoying themselves was helpful in bringing my mind back to the class.

We continued through the class and ended in savasana about 8min before the end time. I was able to make it around to every student for a brief adjustment and then to finish the class calmly. Several students came up to chat or say thank you on the way out, and I was feeling back in touch with the class.

07.02.10 Pain in life... rest in yoga
Time: 10 mins
So I hurt my foot last night. Bad. We went to an afternoon running event that involved running from place to place. I was wearing my fivefingers shoes. I've been doing 15-20K in them over a few days each week for the past couple of months. I thought I'd be able to do more running in them, so I wore them to this event. I probably did about 9K before my foot started throbbing intensely. I slowed down and hobbled along for another K before I quit trying to keep up with anyone. Even though I didn't run anymore, I had to stand around at the event for another couple of hours before we could get home. My foot wasn't swollen or discolored, but it hurt really badly. I went to bed with a plan to wake up early, have time for a run and personal practice, shower, and go to St. Leonards for assisting in yoga. However, I couldn't walk when I woke up. Putting any weight on my foot was painful.

I skipped my morning plans but had to teach cycling and Pilates in the afternoon. I didn't stand any in the cycling class, and taught the entire Pilates class on the mat, without any standing portion. I minimized the time that any weight would be on my foot, but it was still a little more sore than it had been before the classes.

I thought that I could still do some personal practice, though. Not so. Sitting forward bends involved pressure as I pulled on my foot. Reclined hero involved pressure on the top of the foot. Camel and plank involved weight on the foot. I couldn't kick up to try head or handstands. So I went to some reclined twists. I tried to quiet my frustrations and be okay with "quitting" trying to do more than my body was able to do. I also tried to avoid thinking about potential diagnoses (i.e. stress fracture) for my foot, as that was upsetting. What I'm really concerned about, and scared of, is that I might have to take off more time than I want, both from exercise and yoga.

Which, I suppose, will be a great test of how my living yoga is going. But let's hope that I don't have to test that yet.

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