Tuesday, March 23, 2010

21-23.03.10 Ignoring and its Consequences

21.03.10 Yoga Time: 30 minutes with sister in park
22.03.10 Yoga Time: 30 minutes
23.03.10 Yoga Time: 25 minutes + 15 minutes adjusting on sister

Walking through the Blue Mountains is exhausting; especially when I haven't walked for 6 weeks. I realized over the past two days that my calves have been very underused over the past 6 weeks. Even though I've tried to remain active, my calves just aren't used to walking. After arriving home from the Blue Mtns today, I used my yoga to focus on stretching my legs and relaxing my ankle and foot. Shayna was also sore, so after I practiced, I assisted her in some leg-stretching asanas before dinner.

My practice has been going well over the past few days, and the visit with sister is amazing. However, I have had a lot of trouble dealing with the calf soreness yesterday and today. I've noticed that my mood has been profoundly affected by this minor frustration. After spending time meditating on it after my asana practice, I came to the following: 1. I expected to be able to walk without hesitation after 6 weeks on crutches, and 2. I expected that if anything would be sore, it would be my foot. I can recognize that these may not have been realistic expectations. However, the discrepancy between these expectations and my sore calves is harsh. I suppose it is a reminder that I need to take things slowly and experience my body as it is; to stop ignoring things that I'm feeling and tune in.

My goal for tomorrow is to listen.

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