Thursday, March 4, 2010

04.03.10 Setting the tone

Yoga Time: 40 mins

I did an early morning home practice today before leaving for a day of meetings at the uni. I spent time setting an intention, warming up my body, exploring what it wanted to explore (backbends), and doing a few inversions and twists. I tried to stay present and focus on my intention to set a calm tone for the day. I tried to remember not to push past what I'm capable of doing right now. But it was really hard today to stay present. I felt frustrated thinking about all the crutching I'd have to do to get around throughout my day. And that feeling kept distracting me. I had to constantly re-focus myself.

Reflecting back on that constant re-focusing, I think it is more of an accomplisment than a failure, though. Even though it felt really hard and like I was continually failing this morning, the dedication and stick-with-it-ness that I demonstrated was strong. Only after my long day of crutching, am I able to recognize my accomplishment from this morning; one that was replicated in my day through my making it through all of the difficult travel I had to do.

Even though I felt like I failed at setting a calm tone for my day, I did set a tone for my day: one of perseverence. I really needed that to get through the challenges of my day today, so perhaps my yoga practice took me where I needed to go, rather than where I wanted to go.

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