Friday, March 12, 2010

12.03.10 Back

Yoga Time: 30 mins

After my yoga practice today, I spent a few minutes meditating. I practiced the meditation I taught last Sunday: the one where the senses are cut off from the outside work by focusing on 12 points up and down the body. I was amazed at the amount of concentration it took, and about how I lost sight/thought of everything else in the process. I ran up and down the points pretty quickly, and I felt exhausted afterward. After going up and down quickly about 4 times, I spent a few minutes just blissed out in savasana. My mind was completely still, and my body felt at ease.

Since yesterday was such a stressful day, I spent most of today recovering. I worked, but from home. I worked out hard--quieting and softening the intense thoughts in my head. I got my hair cut, and almost fell asleep while sitting in the chair. I think that the intense emotions of yesterday really hit me hard. After running through the meditation, it was like I was just... done. Then, when I got up from savasana, my whole body felt like jelly, and I felt like I was finally tuned back into my body. It took a lot of craziness, but here I am. I'm here; I'm back.

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