Tuesday, March 9, 2010

08-09.03.10 Fast & Easy

08.03.10, Yoga Time: 20 mins
09.03.10, Yoga Time: 20 mins

Haven't been spending tons of time on yoga the past couple of days, and I haven't been too adventurous in the yoga I have practiced. My legs have been sore and I've been stretching them a lot in my yoga practices. I've been really focused on the physical benefits of asana, rather than the complete experience.

After focusing so much on stretching out my legs, I thought today about the stress my legs felt. I thought about the strain they were feeling. I realized that there was strain on more than just my legs. I've been under stress at work and I've been sick, so my whole body has been under that strain. Thinking about the strains surrounding my mind and body, and thinking about the fast & easy yoga I've been practicing, I realized I've been ignoring the "me" in me the past two days. I haven't really tuned in very much, and I've let the physical side of things drive me.

Even though it's been hard for me to stay present in the past, I had been feeling good about it recently. So realizing I haven't been very present over the past two days seems more upsetting. But realizing it is also the first step. And the best thing for curing it.

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