Saturday, March 20, 2010

18-20.03.10 Welcoming Sister

18.03.10 60 minutes with Martine
19.03.10 25 minutes
20.03.10 25 minutes with Sister

I've been preparing for my sister to arrive since I found out she was coming a few weeks ago, but I have been really prepping the past two days. I have been so excited, but I have also been very anxious. I wanted Shayna's trip to go well, I wanted her to feel rested when she arrived, I wanted to make sure that she felt comfortable and had fun while here, and I wanted my foot to be healed so that we could hike and explore Sydney. Even though I wanted nothing more than to see her, I was anxious about so many things.

On Thursday and Friday I was doing little things around the house to prep for her arrival while trying to accomplish a lot of work so that I could relax over my week off next week. My yoga practice over the past two days was distracted but powerful. I didn't feel really connected to it, but I was aiming a lot of energy into it. I felt strong throughout my practice, but a little off balance at times.

This morning we picked Shayna up. Everything went smoothly, and we ended up having a beautiful day. Shayna practiced yoga with me this evening before dinner, and we spent some time exploring a few yoga asanas together. I felt more relaxed than I had in a while, and I began to ease into the practice and enjoy seeing my sister there next to me. Like the practice I shared with Natalie a few days ago, I enjoyed the role of teacher-participant. It is one of guidance-- but in a more casual and personal way; it is sharing a part of myself with someone who is important to me. Sharing my personal practice with people that I'm really close to feels very intimate to me, and I look forward to practicing with Sister several times over the next week.

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