Monday, March 15, 2010

15.03.10 My Edge: bared

Yoga Time: 20 mins
I read something from Yoga Journal today that I really connected with:

"The real measure of practice is whether, little by little, we can find our edge, that place where we're closed down in fear, and allow ourselves to experience it. This takes courage, but courage isn't about becoming fearless. Courage is the willingness to experience our fears. And as we experience our fears, courage grows. Noticing our edge and trying to meet it also allows us to develop compassion, not just for ourselves but for the whole human drama" (

I know that I have places inside that I ignore, push away, and refuse to deal with. Traditionally, my go-to coping mechanism has been avoidance. However, over the past couple of months, I have noticed that I'm not avoiding so many things. I'm actively tackling problems and talking through issues to find solutions. Or finding a place that I can be comfortable with something.

I can directly relate this courage in my life to my progression of headstands and in my attempts at handstands in my practice. And I think the only reason that I've reaped the benefits of practice in my daily life is because of the time for contemplation that I've been taking in the blog. I usually look forward to my practice, but sometimes I feel annoyed at having to write about it. But after sitting down and beginning to write, I often find that I have something important to say or to relate from my practice.

I realize that this meditation on my yoga is a necessary part of cultivating a daily practice that means something in my life. What good is finding an edge, or facing a fear, if there is no identification or reflection?

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