Monday, May 3, 2010

30.04-03.05.10 Yoga with Sara Kooperman!!

(Wed & Thurs off, travel); Fri: 60 mins guided, 30 mins personal; Sat: 75 mins guided; Sun: 75 mins guided; Mon: 30 mins peronal, 60 mins teaching

Friday through Sunday I attended FILEX (fitness conference) in Sydney. During a yoga session on Friday, Sara Kooperman (rockstar fitness instructor) used me as a model in the front row. She then asked me if I would demo with her at her sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Ummm, yes!

I felt so lucky to work with Sara while enjoying her teaching and company. She was so complimentary toward my yogaing, too: I'm sure a little too much ego was added to my practice. I felt prideful, excited, and empowered after talking and then teaching with Sara.

But I think that we all need a little dose of ego now and then. Wednesday and Thursday of last week were difficult for me--I had traveled all day Wednesday and taken a redeye home Wed night/Thursday morning. I was so tired Thursday that I had no energy for anything. That meant I had taken two days off from yoga--something I haven't done since I began a daily practice. When I went to the fitness conference on Friday, I wasn't feeling as strong as I normally feel. But hearing nice things from someone I really respect (Sara), and then being asked to co-teach, made me realize my strengths.

I think the universe was looking out for me and saw my faltering steps on Friday. And the universe sent me what I needed. Now (again) it's my turn; I'm aiming to pass things on to those who need it. I found one opportunity this morning: a barista was mocked and scorned by a coffee customer who thought that she "always made the coffee too strong." As I watched this woman roll her eyes and complain to the manager, I felt like hugging the girl behind the coffee machine. I couldn't reach over to her, but, as she handed me my coffee, I made sure to tell her, "Don't listen to that woman; I think you make great coffee." I saw the tension she had been holding on her forehead for the past three minutes dissolve. I saw her smile gratefully at me. And I felt like maybe her day was just a little better.

I don't think my karma debt is repaid yet; I doubt that karma debt is ever finished being paid, for that matter. And even if there was a finite amount of good karma that I could put out into the world, I wouldn't want to know when I reached it. The world is a better place when we all give as much of ourselves as we are genuinely able to share.

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