Sunday, May 16, 2010

13-16.05.10 Courage

Thursday: 1hr w/Martine; Fri: 45 mins personal, 45 mins guided class w/ Byron Yoga @ festival; Sat: off; Sun: 1 hr w/Martine, 30 mins personal

I've shown some courage through my yoga over the past few days, and I'm psyched about it!! Friday I went to a body mind spirit festival in Sydney. I hated the festival and thought it was terrible, but I went to see Byron Yoga and to take a class with them. Unfortunately, John Oglivie wasn't able to attend the conference, but I signed up to take the Friday evening class with the teacher who was there. I was nervous to participate in the class because I didn't know what type of class it would be, or how it would go. I went to the festival to try something new, though, so I did. The class ended up being very beginner since half of the class had never done yoga. I had no problem with the class, but most of the other students did. I really felt for the instructor because she had to say cues ten times in ten different ways... and the participants still weren't hearing what she was saying. I could see her struggling with how to get the participants to understand the class. After the class, I talked with her for a while about the struggles she had and discussed some strategies. I really enjoyed getting to know the instructor, and I think that we might get together to take some continuing education yoga courses in the future. So being brave on Friday resulted in a new friend!

Being brave today resulted in turning my mood upside down. I was really upset today after a fight with some loved ones over the weekend that still hasn't been resolved. I spent time with Martine this morning and then did my own personal practice later this afternoon. I found that I was so eager to escape my life today that I was totally inside of my yoga. I felt like I could do anything... and I did! I did dropbacks for the first time, and did three in a row. Then I worked on some handstands and on taking my legs straight up into headstand. I think I would've spent a few hours doing these things if I hadn't had to teach a Pilates class. As I walked into the Pilates class, though, I felt like a rock star. I felt like I was walking on air and suddenly there was no heaviness anywhere in my body.

The courage through my yoga has been rewarding. And now the next step is to take the courage back to my loved ones and talk some things out. I've seen what that courage can do, and I know it's worth it.


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