Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12.05.10 Planning

asana: 15 mins; practicing yoga: all day

I'm reporting on my practice of staying present today. I planned to quiet my mind to ease my anxiety today. Each time I noticed myself moving ahead and planning, I said to myself, "Oh, planning mind!" What I found most amusing was that I told myself that at least 15 times before I even got to work.

On the walk and train home from work, I found myself saying it over and over again as well. As I laughed at myself and quieted my mind, I found myself thinking, "But what am I supposed to think about if I'm not planning?" Sure, it's easy to stay present when I'm focusing on breathing through an asana. But what if there isn't anything to really stay present with? That's much harder.

I did enjoy the halting of the planning. And I think that my day was probably less stressed than it would have been if I had been constantly planning. Tomorrow I'll try again. And I'll try to stay present even when there's "nothing" to stay present with.

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