Wednesday, May 5, 2010

04-05.05.10 Trying new things

Tues: 25 mins yoga; Wed: 20 mins guided meditation

I've tried a few new things recently. Yesterday I tried a one-handed dropback (meaning I took one hand down a leg while diving the other hand over my head toward the floor). I did it on both sides and made it to the floor without falling. I couldn't believe that it worked, that I actually made it to the floor successfully!

Today, I was feeling physically tired. I decided to try the guided meditations that came with the most recent issue of Yoga Journal. I found that I was able to fully relax and enjoy the meditations. I didn't think that I would be able to; I was skeptical of how much I would be able to trust the CD and relax.

After both sessions where I tried new things, the main feeling I was left with was one of bravery. I felt like I had just made a life-changing decision or attacked a project I had been afraid to try.

As I reflect on these little mini acts of bravery, I realize that I can do things that I'm afraid of, that I am not sure I can do, and that I may not want to do. Realizing that I have courage, even though it's sometimes hidden or invisible, makes me feel more confident. Ready for tomorrow.

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