Tuesday, April 27, 2010

21-27.04.10 Classes with Twee Merrigan

Wed: 90 min guided class; Thurs: 30 min personal, 60 min teaching; Fri: day off; Sat: 2 hr guided class (Twee), 1.5 hour assist; Sun: day off; Mon: 2.5 hr guided class (Twee); Tues: 20 min personal

So a majority of my yoga time over the past week has been in the bodymindlife studio with Twee. Almost 5 hours of my past week has been in that room with her, and I'm grateful for the time I spent there. I went into the classes not knowing anything about Twee, her teaching, or her personal philosophy. I took a chance on her class on Saturday, and felt my life changing in the class. I felt ignited and empowered. I found my inner superhero. And I'm pretty sure I bunnyhopped my hips right over my head (at least once!).

Her class left me feeling inspired as a teacher. I wanted to study more and learn more because of my experiences in that room. I also wanted to experience another class with her. So I also went to her Monday night class--a flowing meditation. This class was much more subdued, and didn't ignite anything inside of me. But it did open me up to myself and my emotions. While I didn't "like" the meditation class as much as the igniting class, I learned from it.

After the long meditation class last night, I was tired. I was still tired when I got up and went to an early meeting this morning. After the early meeting, I got bad news professionally. It was all I could do to make it back to my apartment later that afternoon. As soon as I got inside, I laid in my bed and spent an hour crying. After my cry, I went to the gym and then came home and practiced some yoga. I found myself returning to child's pose and putting my forehead to the floor, asking the universe for what I wanted, as we had done in last night's class. I offered myself to my practice, and thought about what else I could offer out into the world.

The first thing I did after that practice was walk in to hug Billy and thank him for all of his help and support. I thought of how I wanted to offer more of myself to him before I offered more to the rest of the world. He deserves the best of me, because he is always giving his best to me.

Reflecting back on my day, and what I made of it, I'm astonished at the way I was able to give into my emotions, experience them, and then move through the rest of my day and think about giving, instead of focusing on what I felt like I wasn't receiving. I think part of that is because of my daily practice, but I also think that the intense meditation last night was influential in my experiences today. Thank you for your guidance, Twee.

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