Monday, June 14, 2010

update (first two weeks of june)

4.25 hours total personal practice; 5.5 hours teaching; 2.5 hours guided classes

i've kept with yogaing the past two weeks. but i've been slack on blogging, and i know reflecting back on my yoga practice and teaching is important. but even though i haven't been writing, i've been talking. i've found that i discuss yoga with most people in my life now. i talk about my personal practice of the past few days, or how a class went; i talk about meeting my sister on skype and how our yoga session went; i talk about how i felt after taking or teaching a class.

i remember that i used to keep my yoga to myself. i would occasionally mention that i teach yoga classes to someone, but i didn't talk a lot about it. i think that i talk more about it now because i'm more confident. constantly talking about yoga, and getting words and support from others has really supported my development also.

over the past couple of weeks, the love of my life has been out of the country. yoga has helped me through the highs and lows i've experienced while he was gone. i found myself a little less confident in my teaching while he was gone, but i didn't really realize that it could have been due to the anxiety/lonliness i was feeling until reflecting back on the past 2 weeks. that could also be why i didn't find the time to blog during that time. i did use my other supports a lot, though. and i did talk a lot about my practice and my teaching over that time with those people as well.

so i'm just updating the blog. saying that things have been well, and even though i haven't been keeping up with the blogging, i'm forgiving myself for that. i'm allowing it to be ok, and being kind to myself. now that's living yoga-y.

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