Thursday, June 17, 2010

15-17.06.10 Reflections

Tues: 30 mins; Wed: off; Thurs: 1 hr guided w/Martine

I've done new things this week: kicking up to my headstand with my left leg, and going in and out of headstand with straight legs--in the middle of the room. I'm doing things I haven't done before; things that amaze me every day. I can't believe that I do new things almost every week. The effect of my daily personal practice is easy to see in my asana development. I see it other places too, but it isn't as obvious.

However, today I got an email from a friend who had read my yoga blog. She said that one of the entries really gave her something to think about, encouraged her, and "touched" her. Reading that message from her felt more amazing than any recent advancements in asana... reading that made me feel like my yoga practice matters. Or, rather, it reminded me of the number of levels on which my yoga practice matters.

Sometimes continually trying to grow and deepen as a yogini and as a person is hard. And sometimes it is so easy and natural and endlessly rewarding that it more than balances.

To my spatially-far-but-lovingly-close friend: thank you for your response; I love and support you.

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