Monday, June 14, 2010

14.06.10 Billytime

45 min early morning skype yoga w sister; 90 min guided class (w Billy in attendance!)

Today was a public holiday in Australia; hooray! It is so exciting to have holidays that I've never had before. Even though today wasn't a super exciting holiday to me personally, being able to spend the day with Billy after he's been out of the country for two weeks was a special treat.

I got up early to do yoga with Shayna on skype, like we normally do after I teach Monday 6am cycling class. Even though I didn't have to get up for the 6am cycling (because of the HOLIDAY!), I still "met" Shay for our yoga date. I had considered sleeping in a little, but when I got up and saw her smiling Sunday-afternoon self, I was glad I had made the effort to spend that special time with her.

Then, after I had finished yogaing with sister, Billy got up and ran with me to Rozelle for a yoga class. When we got to the yoga studio, Billy wasn't feeling so well after the long early morning run. He wasn't able to enjoy the heated yoga room, and ended up spending most of the class in resting positions. I felt guilty for dragging him to the class, but tried to concentrate on enjoying my practice. I did enjoy the class, and spent the final savasana with my right hand extended to rest on Billy's arm.

Afterward, I talked with Billy about how he had felt during the practice. Even though he hadn't personally enjoyed his physical experience, he was glad to spend the time with me. I told him that he was practicing yoga by allowing me to do what I needed to do and appreciating my need for that time. Even though he wasn't engaged in a full asana practice this morning, he did his yoga with me. And that's one of the millions of reasons that I love him.

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