Wednesday, January 22, 2014

mistakes were made

i have a friend who loves the quote "mistakes were made." he loves it so much, in fact, that i can't hear the word "mistake" without thinking of him saying that phrase.

"mistakes were made" was made famous by politicians such as Nixon, and further popularized by comedians. the phrase implies that the person speaking the phrase made a mistake, but that they are not at fault for the mistake.

making mistakes: we all do that. admitting there were mistakes: relatively harder to do, but not altogether difficult. owning mistakes: potentially terrifying.

but you know what? if we don't own our mistakes, we don't grow. in fact, nothing really happens at all. so?

make mistakes... just make sure you grow from them.

i'm practicing: releasing the blame, releasing the hurt, offering and hoping for forgiveness. i'm learning; i'm growing. even though the past few days have felt terrible, i can also feel thankful for the opportunity arising from this pain. i'm glad that i've been challenged on my thoughts, words, and actions. my mistakes were made for me (so i could grow), but my mistakes were made for you (so i could grow for you).

i'm anticipating great things happening.
and tomorrow.
for me.
and for those i love.
and i'm super glad for all the love. #twss

xo: KR, AS, MJR

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