Saturday, January 21, 2012

all shook up (schedule)

billy and i moved to a new area of sydney. as part of the move, i transitioned all of the fitness classes i was teaching to be near my new home. talk about a shake up. while new things are exciting, they're also many other things... potentially scary, stressful, full of unknown.

so far, i'm loving my shake up! if you're in the mood for shaking things up, the new classes and locations are below. i'd love to see you at one sometime soon!

New Schedule!!
Mondays: 7pm Yoga, at Genesis
Tuesdays: 6pm Yoga, at Gold's
...and lots of covering...

and, if you can't make it to a class in person, or if you feel a bit too shaken already, you can always visit one of my online offerings: spring teaches online! because, after all, what's better for treating a shake up than a little bit of yoga bliss?

love to you all!

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