Monday, August 2, 2010

July Reflections

I've been feeling pretty bad about myself because I haven't been blogging. I have so many things to say! Where's all my time gone? Today I was reflecting about July, and feeling unaccomplished because I hadn't blogged about things. But as I started to think about July, I realized that I had done a lot: I successfully presented at an international conference; taught several fitness and yoga classes; gone on vacation; submitted a few papers to journals; reconnected with old friends; made new friends; celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary; celebrated my 30th birthday; spent quality time with my sister; and ran 200 miles somewhere in between. But, most impressively, I kept up my daily practice throughout all of the (good) life disruption.

Keeping my practice going while traveling all over the US and while prepping and then catching up from my trip was difficult at times. Making sure that friends and family I was spending time with understood my needs was important--and sometimes difficult, because I felt like I was "cheating" them out of time with me. Some of my friends (and Sister) wanted to do yoga with me--and that was a bonus: I felt glad for the time available to do yoga, and I also felt excited to share such special time with my loved ones.

This past month of yoga, and my experiences with it on my trip, have given me further depth in my relationships. Sharing my yoga practice with those closest to me feels like ultimate intimacy. And having those people respond positively feels better than I could have imagined.

My sister paid me the best compliment while on this trip: she told me that I was the best yoga teacher she has ever had. I didn't believe her, but then I realized she was serious. When I was able to really hear the compliment she paid me, I began to cry. I think that I cried because I don't often really accept compliments--only I didn't realize it until now. I often smile, nod, say thank you, and then think to myself, "oh, they were just being nice." Accepting the compliment was a big step for me.

Reflecting back over July, I realized it was the opposite of what I had originally thought. I accomplished things, I deepened relationships, my yoga practice blossomed, and I learned something about myself.

Growing occurs when you don't expect it. Keep practicing, and all of the sudden, bam! Growth! Amazing.

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