Monday, September 23, 2013

better, stronger

my friend shanil told me this morning "just because you can't do pull-ups, doesn't mean you're not strong." word, brother, word: sometimes you don't know how strong you are.

when my life completely shifted a year ago, without warning, i was worried. i was worried about myself, worried about my life, worried about what people would think and say, worried about my parents, worried about my future... let's say i was just plain WORRIED. a year later, i can hardly believe where i am. i have moved on, and continue to move on, with my life in a lot of ways.

now i feel loved and supported by friends in ways i never knew possible. i have a real family right here in sydney. i have more love in my life than i have ever felt before. and i am so super fucking thankful for all the shifts and changes in my life. y'all know who you are.

thank you.

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