Saturday, December 11, 2010

Micromoving Meditations

This blog post is inspired by some journaling done after a meditation in Twee Merrigan's Fluid Power teacher training this weekend. One of those rare moments where my crazy mind shushed itself.


expressions of my soul seeping out through my body: some twisting out, some seeping out, some exploding out.

i found myself slowing to almost a halt... and then my body would begin to move again; knowing where it was going without me deciding where to put it. the inner wisdom was present, and i didn't even need to try to pay attention to it, because i was in a state of being it.

my me was me. and i was me. and there was no effort.

while in that space, i didn't recognize that as what was happening. but as soon as i began to reflect back on it, i felt amazed, in awe, and infinitely lucky to have experienced those sensations--that being, if only for a short time.

there were points when my brain began to talk: to say "my arms are tired..." or something. but, then my arms would stop moving. without me deciding it. and i would be back in the me.


Wanna do it? Wanna feel some peace? Pick a playlist of calming music that goes for the amount of time that you want to spend meditating--try ten minutes or so for the first time. Begin by sitting still in an easy cross-legged position. As you sit, begin to draw your attention to your breath, slowing the breathing and taking long, full breaths. Then, as you feel inspired, begin to move your torso--wiggling it, weaving it, whatever feels good. Spend a song or so only doing that. Then, as you feel ready, begin to add the arms to the mix--reaching, raising, rolling, or even relaxing. Do these micromovements throughout your set meditation time. Once your music ends, ease yourself to a lying position and release. If you feel a little floaty, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor, with knees pointing toward the ceiling and relaxing in toward each other, to help ground you. Spend a few minutes on the floor before easing yourself back up and back into your day.

Luck and love.

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